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Brace beagles the best!
By Ralph Gillum, BraceBeagling Columnist
February 08, 2002

I am trying to find a breeder of brace beagles to buy a pup from. I need a less than one year old pup that has had some brace training. I am not looking to use the dog in brace competitions. I am going to have the dog trained to find termites. You may have not heard of this its a very new concept, but they are trained very similar to drug sniffing dogs. The trainer I am going to use likes the brace beagle to use for this purpose. The slow and methodical searching the brace beagle does suits itself perfectly to searching for termites. If you could help me find a breeder somewhere in east Tennessee, or somewhere close, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Rick Campbell Knoxville Tennessee

It is good to know that our brace beagles are considered the best for the real world work of locating termites and drugs. I put Rick in touch with Marvin Reed, Fd. Tr. Sec. and Tres. of the Atomic Beagle Club in the Knoxville area. Hopefully, Marvin will be able to steer Rick to the breeders in his area. If anyone wants to contact Frank about a pup, his e-mail address is: (

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